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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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san francisco - remind members of the public to please silence any mobile devises and i'd like to take roll at this time (calling names) both commissioners are expected to arrive late. commissioners first on your calendar is items like one a and e requests for additional use operations continued until september 6th. and the next items request for
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conditional use operations this proposed until cement 26. those are all the items i have and i have no speaker cards >> are there any public comments. seeing none, public comment is closed >> move to continue items one and 2 to september 26th. second >> on that motion (calling names) so move commissioners that passes and places you under our consent calendar all matters are considered to be routine. there will be no separate discussion of those items unless
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so requested. and then it will be removed and credit card for a separate hearing. at 524 howard street request for conditional use authorization and 25 d at the 999 brandon street and item 5 for case 20.12 c at the 1097 howard street request for conditional operation. those are all under your consent calendar and i have no speaker cards >> any public comment? >> i assume that my consent item was pulled off. i put my item on the consent calendar because i didn't have the long report.
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i will withdraw my consent for this item unless there's a member that wishes it to be pulled >> you'd like it pulled off 99. maybe she wants it on >> don't want it pulled off? >> so any other public comment on the 3 items on consent calendar? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner >> well, i propose we move for approval of items 3 and 5. >> second. >> on that motion commissioners to approve item 3 and 5 on your calendar (calling names) so moved commissioners that
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motion passes unanimously and item 4 will be placed at the beginning of regular calendar. very good this is item of the adoption for draft minutes i'm in receipt of my corrections from the commissioner >> any other public comment on the draft minutes? public comment is closed. commissioner yu >> move to approve with the minutes. >> move to move on the minutes as corrected (calling names) so move commissioners that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you under item 7 commission comments and
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questions. >> appears to be none today (laughter) >> okay. i'll take that. that places us under department matters >> i also have no report today expect to say have a pleasant break. >> commissioners we'll move into item 9. project 505 howard street informational presentation >> good afternoon. i'm kevin with the planning staff. i'll give very brief comments. in la 2000 we were granted approvals and it's essentially on office compass on howard street. the first 3 phases have been developed and phase 3 is nearing completion and has received all
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necessary approvals. we want to bring to you the project sponsors proposals that are intended to satisfy the public requirement. i'll ask the project sponsor to come up >> good afternoon carl with the company. we're extraordinarily pleased to bring those to san francisco. jerry inspire i think you know was very involved with the museum in new york and personally selected those piece. it's much nor that appropriate to have those inside the lobby. there's floor to ceiling glass and the lobby will be open to the public. we think those are a great
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compliment to the believe and hopefully, we'll have them in san francisco shortly. thank you. >> thank you. any public comment on this item? okay public comment is closed and this is an informational item only. commissioners? >> i would like to ask the project sponsor if there's something like a plaque or something to let the public know the pieces are in the lobby. >> commissioners there will be as a condition of approval it's a requirement the plaques b be in an open space plaza as well as from the street indicating the availability of the public
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art. >> thank you. >> commissioners if there's nothing further item 10 for 229 market street an informational update. >> good afternoon, commissioners. on october 2012 you guys approved the branch on market street. you expressed a concern on say plans specifically it was too much and too large and it was constituting a branding of the building and you added a condition that staff work with the project sponsor to address those sicken issues. you have before you a revised sicken package.
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the difference is that the lettering on the sign is now 15 inches tall and 15 feet long. the sign has been reduced from 24 feet long to 18 inches tall and long. the signage is still lit. once again an informational item. we've received a letter from d t n a expressing the revised signage they want to see one sign. orange after we left the hearing that's what the staff proposed and that's the sign that be only
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12 inches tall that's based on architectureal recommendation. and we got a little push back from the sponsor and they said there's only financial uses so they thought they were being unfairly targeted but? the signage they've presented and it's been revised since october >> it's informational but is there a project sponsor? >> afternoon commissioners for the bank ofhe west and we have
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bank of the west representatives as well as the sign designer. >> if you want to make any overall comments the commissioners may or may not have questions for you but if you want to talk about the project you have a couple of minutes. >> i'll briefly reiterate the information we submitted to you in the package that was captured by the planner. we've sightly reduced the size of the signs. the size now and as originally proposed is smaller. the lettering is white and so the illumination is minimal. the bank has worked with the neighborhood groups and agreed to reduce the size to address
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their concerns. this location is unique as you may see from our presentation. it's actually at the intersection of 3 streets noah, market and 16th. so in effect has 3 frontage ages. the bank is asking for a smaller sign over the entrance and it's an exposure point for them on market and 16th >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. we'll open up to the public i have one speaker card (calling names) >> thank you could you use the
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projector also? thank you good afternoon commissioner and thank you for the opportunity to speak. i'm horrify i was here last spring presenting a signage for at at. but the agreement was ignored and we've got two signs on market and i know you were upset about that. in some cases this has worked well, we've got a good agreement and it's appropriately sized but unfortunately bank of the west has done is a case study and
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what the sponsor said t is not true. they've refused to talk with us and they propose large signs facing both ways on market like verizon is going to do. they've worked around the planning department without notifying the department. we've got 25 thousand retail space coming on line we strongly feel that bank of the west needs to be held account and not just branding for brands sakes. we should be more like boston then las vegas. like massachusetts it looks
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nice. in boston here's what neighborly folks do they're not lit up like billboards. if you don't work with anybody you don't get nice signs. thank you for listening >> any additional public comment? >> alex. i wanted to come to you because i want to say we understand this is informational and this sign is within the code but we believe there should be improved know protocol and we need to use this as an example to reexamine our protocols. you know, this area is outside but the market plan doesn't talk about sicken age and as we
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continue to builds the mixed use the residential and commercial to make sure that the sicken age is toned down. we believe with the traffic in the corner and a pedestrian corner we need to be mindful not to distract travel. we want to make sure we have the best practice going forward and as the speaker was talking about other examples of how sicken age can be better integrated with the neighborhood. this goes into the neighborhood as sf has done to better format late better retail. we want to talk about a couple of of examples of banks and how they have for example, this is
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at california and battery. this has think grand fathering in. you can see the signs but this is a financial district purely a commercial district so when you have those kinds of signs it can be a different kind of traffic flow when you talk about a mixed residential and commercial area. we have a more mixed use area even though it's more commercial. we have brought this picture before because you have a sign on both intersections and you have this accent area. so to be controlling we want to be putting in more explicit controls so we're not serving people living in those units. we want to work with the
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businesses we want to work with the neighborhoods and planning to make sure, you know, there is full participation. so when we have those mixed areas we're sensitive to the neighbors. we're not turning this into a big boulevard like la for example, >> any additional public comment on this item isn't it so. okay public comment is closed >> nonetheless to say i'm disappointed this has not come along further. when we refused this project we were actually at that time, considering to continue it until the sicken age was taking care of. given the construction schedule
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if i recall correctly we supported the approval with the specific instructions that the sicken age i made a comment about the bear sorry about that one really need to be in keeping with the objectives for the upper market street market corridor. and the fact we have a large number of new buildings coming on line where we'll have to revisit the formula of branch banks. we we were all feeling there would be a serious attempt made to come up with something that's slightly more creative then just reducing it. market street in that area is the - the sicken age if you're
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good enough as a bank the sicken age won't make it any better. having said that i believe the department knows how to work with other people who understand the direction we're giving, however, what i'm seeing if i had to approve it i won't >> i'm not exactly what the objection is maybe the representative from the triangle could come up and answer some questions. there's a number of difference things there's size and font and the logo and tailors latin-american and colors. it looks like you have to know what's there. your driving most of the time after dark and after 5 it's dark
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in the winter. you have to know there's a bank there. maybe you, tell me what you want to do here >> i'm not here to negotiate the sign but we're willing to do that with the project sponsor. we have experts on signs on our staff and people who can talk about this. they didn't want to do it so there was no process. if there's process we can come up with something appropriate but there was no process >> okay. i understand that but i'm off the top of your head i don't see what the problem is maybe the font can be easily read and the bear is their logo. >> the billboards are occupy in
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our neighborhood there's a billboard we passed it's a great ordinance and that's what bank of the west is trying to put up is a new billboard that's not appropriate. >> maybe i'm reading this wrong but maybe the project sponsor could answer the questions. it looks like the signs are in the two directions and are up at the level just above the raised level which is the appropriate height and it has bank of the west with the logo and when i go around the corner it's the same thing. i don't understand the objections to this >> your interpretation of the design is correct. >> yeah. i think it's - maybe it would be a little bit smaller
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but if you make it two small people will try to a figure out but i don't see it as inappropriate. >> you saw in our passage submitted we showed signs of other things in the district they're larger and all of the corner locations have signs on two sides. and i would say this sign is well integrated into the signs of the buildings much more than other signs in the district and a thank you. i think that was well-taken and most of those signs are formula but one has a sign that's been there a looked at but there are certainly a lot of signs in the area that have
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been there but i don't understand what's loud about this sign. >> one last point there was a communication with pet e-mails back and forth and on the one point we were sent imagines of the cd sign as an example. our sign we used that and our sign is smaller. it's designed similarly but it smaller cbs >> thank you if you could put that up. yeah. i see similarities there for sure. okay. thank you very much. i think that the other point that's made there's a bank first national bank of northern california which tried to put too many words into its logo and
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decided to put letters and the letters are small and you don't know it's a bank and it's not as busy a streetcar it's hard to figure out what happened to that bank but the sign is so small. i think it's not necessarily a matter of size but how taste full. we have so many triangular signs and people will be coming from 3 directions but i think the number of signs is okay >> commissioner yu. i do remember a lengthy distribution about this if i could ask staff to talk about
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that >> as i recall the issues that were raised was the number of signs since it's a curb building and the two proposed signs are next to each other. i think that you are concerned the commission expressed concerns you don't need signs next to each other but it's about size and the lighting. staff is taking a look at the commercial signs in the district to look exactly at those kinds of issues. it's not the size but the materials and the lighting and the nature of the designs and how it works with the building or is more oriented toward the pedestrian environment >> thank you director ram for -
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i was going to ask a question as to how we're preceding on the with whole design issue. it would seem if the commissioners were concerned if we can author neighborhood commercial formula in a matter of a month they can certainly try to do something on signage that's easier. that said i need some clarification on the sign itself. so could someone from the - i'm confused between with your dpekt in your elevation and i don't know where the section is drawn
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>> yes, sir. i'm mike with chandler signs. >> so your section shows a panel in the front or is that the letter. >> the acrylic is the face. the body of the letter and the sides is aluminum and the face is a while acrylic. it's illuminated they're only 80 aluminum by that's an acrylic face and the bear itself has red material >> what's the question about the section. >> is it through the letter t or k? >> i'm sorry. it's a standard section if you want to look at
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any of the larger letters. >> so are those on the front. >> there's a canopy structure that has a face on it and it is mounted flush it's a brush stainless steel face. >> i'm looking at the other one. >> those letters will be put on the canopy but the canopy is not there it's a flush mount on the wall. >> but there's no box. >> no sir, their individual letters. >> i have a couple of k34i789s it comes back to balance.
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i know that currently the planning departments rules are not - i think the lighting is that flows off and around beyond the lettering of the sign is whether to illuminate the building. i understand that. i applaud the sponsor while it may not be hand in hand with the neighborhood. i know that the department is working on some new ideas and criteria how we can control this. i want to point out if i look at the dimension of the sign is relevant. if we